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Riding the wave of Cleantech and Clean Energy Space

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

'Watts' going on? Stanislav Borisov joined our March Community Knowledge Huddle to share with us about the overview of the cleantech and clean energy space and how to ride the wave of interest in cleantech and clean energy!

Stanislav is from Ecolabs Centre of Innovation for Energy (jointly by NTU, Enterprise Singapore, and SEAS) and Ecolabs-COI is established to build and accelerate deep-tech energy Innovation capabilities in Singapore to support the nation’s future energy transition.

Thank you for being a part of the sustainability community, Stanislav!

Here are some highlights of what he spoke about:

Why Cleantech Matters when helping to creating sustainable cities and communities!

Stanislav recommends Bill Gates's How to Avoid a Climate Disaster in order to help understand cleantech.

Sometimes a global pressing issue such as the climate disaster can feel like its too big or too hard to tackle. Breaking down the problem can help you understand the ways to take on these challenges meaningfully. Hopefully there is an area that speaks to you.

The book mentions industries and categories that have the biggest impact when it comes to carbon and global warming. For example, energy, manufacturing, transportation and etc.

Singapore's Green Plan 2030

An exciting roadmap ahead is Singapore's Green Plan 2030 that aims to commit itself to the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda and Paris Agreement, and to achieve long-term net zero emissions.

Some highlights are City in Nature (boost green initiatives), Sustainable Living (green buildings), and Energy Reset (clean energy).

Hopefully this creates some very exciting help create sustainability opportunities for everyone!

EcoLabs is working on many important Cleantech areas. It can range from Renewable Energy Integration to Circular Economy to E-Mobility. There are many moving pieces in this big impact opportunity industry. Which areas are you currently tackling and what are you doing to stay updated with these changes?


As usual, we ended each Huddle with a Community Highlight! We featured Sean from Soda Lemon SG (who also showed up for our latest podcast episode) and Amanda from SG Fashion Forward. We love having them as a part of our collective efforts in creating a sustainable society.

Soda Lemon SG aims to transform the way society views glass both as a resource and as a material. They believe that everyone can do our part to reduce our society's impact on nature -- one quality product at a time.

SG Fashion Forward connects you with experienced individuals to rework your fashion pieces. Refashioning is a way to upcycle preloved clothing by transforming them into something new and wanted.

Thank you Sean and Amanda for taking the time to share with us about your startups! What is an environmentally sustainable society without the presence of amazing people like them in Southeast Asia?

Also Surya, our co-founder, for his stoic and deep-in-thought gaze and Bobby for always always joining us on the go:

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We can't wait to meet you all!


A breakdown of the talk:


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