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Uplifting less privileged off-the-grid communities | Light of Hope PH

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Meet Jovie Gil Montajes! Jovie is the founder of Light of Hope PH. Light Of Hope PH aims to provide beyond light and energy to communities. Their CloudgridProject allows off-grid communities in Philippines to take charge of their future with micro-entrepreneurship and push for global change!

The sustainable cities and communities scene is an exciting space to be in with founders like Jovie. They are an amazing part of the sustainability community that continues to inspire us everyday.

Light of Hope PH is an amazing grassroots movement from Cebu, Philippines aiming to help mitigate climate change and uplift the lives of the less privileged off-the-grid communities through the use of clean renewable energy technologies and Internet of Things technologies.

Similar to Mamato, Jovie is one of the 1,140 eager signups from 2020, who wanted to turn their passion for sustainability into impact, with our Young Sustainable Impact SEA program and we are amazed by how far he has come since then.

Let's take a little back at his YSI SEA days with us:

It has been surreal looking back at the progress that he has been making and we cannot be more thrilled to see how Cloudgrid 2.0 develops.

Here is what Light of Hope PH has been doing since being a part of our incubation program:

Participated in various panels and talks such as Philippines Startup Week

It is never easy making impact alone but thankfully there is a Southeast Asia community available to help founders grow their impact, and for talent to build their portfolio.

What is an environmentally sustainable society without a little help?

To collaborate with amazing impact-making founders like Jovie from Light of Hope PH, join our impact community today!

Find Light of Hope PH on:

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