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3 Big Opportunities for Circular Food Production and Reverse Logistics

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

We are back with our latest Community Knowledge Huddle (February 2021) and this time we have Shiva Susarla from RENERGii Asia sharing with us three important opportunities to close the circular logistics loop and being a part of the building sustainable cities and communities mission!

Who is Shiva and RENERGii Asia?

Shiva is the Founder and Managing Director of RENERGii. He is learning how innovation can help reimagine and transform urban built environment, energy, food, water and waste systems.

RENERGii is an innovation firm and venture studio focused on the urban circular economy. RENERGii's work transforms Asian cities into Zero-Carbon, Zero-Waste and Zero-Pollution urban spaces using principles of the circular economy.

His first venture studio builds startups in Food, Feed, AgTech and Wellness domain. He has five startups in our portfolio currently: Urban Tiller , INSECTIFii, FeedWerkz, Mycovation and Xircular Dot IO. He is also building many more!

and yes, Urban Tiller is the amazing startup that we interviewed for our podcast! Hi Jolene! They are doing a really cool Singapore Spotlight that aims lift community spirit by highlighting and uplifting different neighbourhoods around Singapore. How cool is that? What is an environmentally sustainable society without the amazing interworking of many different players coming together?

The highlight of the talk is about the three big opportunities when it comes to circular food production and reverse logistics:

Opportunity 1: Traceability

This is currently pursued by blockchain companies in order to make reverse logistics logistics viable and in hopes to close the loop. Traceability also answers to demands of customers concerned about whether the products are sustainable for consumption in the long-term. Shiva mentioned examples of Barepack and Muuse offering circular packaging or embedding traceability in their products.

Opportunity 2: Repurposing

Repurposing is a strategy by companies to find alternative ways to close the loop by creating alternative products. Shiva's startups have a complimentary synergy with one another! For example, food waste from cities are transformed into insect protein for the feed industry.

Opportunity 3: Unbundling

Lastly, unbundling looks into the smaller circular loops at the last mile in order to close the loop. For example, Jakarta's Siklus Refill buys shampoos in bulk and takes them to households and give dispensable pay-as-you-go type of volume which is a last-mile unbundling solution when it comes to packaging issues.

Which opportunity are you most excited about? How are you #CLOSINGTHELOOP?

All of these amazing examples are vital players in an amazing sustainability community that help create sustainability opportunities for all.

Want to learn more about what Shiva and RENERGii Asia do? Here's the full video!


0:12 Shiva's introduction

1:45 Shiva's five startups

2:50 Reverse Logistics

3:15 Nutrients awareness and closing the nutrient loop

4:20 Opportunity #1: Traceability

5:50 Opportunity #2: Repurposing

6:45 Opportunity #3: Unbundling

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