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Knowledge Huddle January 2021!

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

We started off the year with a knowledge huddle which our alumni batch gathered to share their thoughts about the things that Interseed wants to accomplish in 2021. We also had an intimate sharing session which we kept each other updated about our small wins and current challenges.

Our YSI SEA alumni batches have been paramount in helping us work towards the sustainable cities and communities of our dreams. We cannot imagine not being a part of this sustainability community without them.


Here are some quick highlights:

New Direction: Moving from the YSI SEA program that we have been running for 3 years to a platform

Four reasons why!

  • The program we have been running has been resource intensive

  • It doesn't quite prepare everyone for long-term growth

  • Burnout can happen for participants keeping up with us after the 5 months program

  • We can have a bigger reach than before! For our 2020 program, we had to turn away a thousand applicants for our program and it pains us that we are unable to help bring their efforts to a new level. With our upcoming platform, we can hopefully replicate our efforts with the help of technology. We wanted to do more and create better sustainability opportunities for everyone taking on social entrepreneurship and creating impact.

Platform Updates!!!

Things we are focusing on for our platform targeting founders and talent:

  • We want to make impact players fund-ready to create a sustainable society with other impact players such as social enterprises

  • The platform lets them better identify the problems by collaborating with students doing research about the sustainability space

  • Validate and reinforce their ideas and MVP with a community and find their early-adopters

  • Look for talents and volunteers through our community and network

Content We Are Producing & Brainstorming

The structure of the content we are putting out to help impact players be up to speed with new ideas:

  • We want to drive green innovation by writing content about sustainability industry and business:

  • The three verticals are food and agriculture, energy transition, and circular economy.

  • The four horizontals are reducing carbon emissions, eliminating pollution, preventing resource depletion, and driving social good.

This leads to three series that we are writing:

  • How do existing businesses balance impact and profit?

  • What are the technicalities about the three verticals that I am unsure of?

  • How do I make a living out of driving impact?

Mapping Southeast Asia
  • Map impact making players in the space to enable collaboration and sharing of resources

  • Maps like these are common in Europe but sadly almost nonexistent in Southeast Asia


Check out the full video here!

Thank you to our dedicated alumni and friends for joining us:

What is an environmentally sustainable society without all of you?


How it started vs how it is going:

Want to be a part of a sustainability community for founders and talents? Check out our platform for founders and talents!


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