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Sustainability Volunteering Opportunities in Singapore

Volunteering opportunities in Singapore are everywhere. Back in the early 2000s, as students, we are exposed to CIP work that is more social-focused. Nowadays, there is an increase in focus on sustainability volunteer work in Singapore which helps increase the diversity of engagement for youths and even corporate adults.

sustainability volunteering opportunities in singapore near me

As someone interested in opportunities nearby, the team created the Volunteering Feature for our map to help list down sustainability volunteering opportunities near me. We hope you'll find this feature as useful as it did for me!

Our inspiration was also due to our interaction with the Plastic Project at ORTO Lesiure Park at Khatib-Yishun neighbourhood whereby we were told that Plastic Project benefited from being on a bike path and thus was the recipient of passersby who were very interested in finding out more about what they were doing. It made us curious as to what would happen if we listed down opportunities to volunteer nearby for everyone to see.

Thus our map was born as an extension of the map that already lists down sustainability ecosystem players near us.

Previously at the Entrepreneurial Green Careers talk, we mentioned that volunteering is a great way to engage with people on the ground facing the issues or meet like-minded people who are also interested in solving similar problems like you.

We realised that there are many aspiring change-makers who want to know more about sustainability opportunities near them but do not know where to start!

Here are a few amazing sustainability volunteering opportunities you might be interested in:

Young Nautilus

Young Nautilus sustainability volunteering opportunities in singapore near me

Good appreciation of nature and habits start from the young. Young Nautilus is founded by educators equipped with degrees in Life Science and Marine Biology. They are an education enrichment partner for schools and families that create a fun and engaging science learning environment for the young to embark on.

Their programs range from public nature walks to school learning journeys.

They are currently looking for Nature Educators to provide engaging education in science and biodiversity to participants/ students, inspiring and igniting interest and passion for the natural environment.

Plastic Lite Singapore

Plastic-lite Singapore sustainability volunteering opportunities in singapore near me

Plastic-Lite SG is a grassroots volunteer group that aims to raise awareness about the excessive dependence on single-use plastics, alongside other current issues relating to climate change.

They're currently working on a few exciting programs such as Bounce Bags (a bag-share point that aims to reduce the usage of single-use plastic bags), No-Straw Tuesdays, and Let’s Talk Climate which is a blog analyzing international environmental issues and policies.

They are currently looking for social media content creators, and memory collection booth outreach event helpers (a special project with NLB Singapore)


CitySprouts sustainability volunteering opportunities in singapore near me

City Sprouts is a social enterprise focused on urban rejuvenation through the development of green spaces and educational programs by bringing together socially-minded individuals and businesses to create communities that inform, educate and support action on social and environmental issues.

Some of their exciting projects include Growing For Good (CSR) which boasts an amazing vertical garden for Glyph that is dedicated to combating inequality in Asia, and also they gave away 2000 sets of potted vegetables and rice seedlings with the support of Advisors’ Clique on World Food Daback in 2021. Their exciting the Kampong Farm Competition sought to challenge the public to conceptualise an urban farm that creatively engages with the community.

They're looking for volunteers to help out with farm duties and tag along for mini-projects such as landscaping. You don't need any experience, just an open heart and will to learn!

Foodscape Collective

Foodscape Collective sustainability volunteering opportunities in singapore near me

Foodscape Collective aims to create a fair and inclusive circular food system for all. The Foodscape Collective Ecosystem is a supportive network of individuals, communities, organisations, and businesses that collaborate to support the circulation of passion for a regenerative and sustainable way of living.

Some of their projects include placemaking edible gardens, soil generation project, and the Project Black Gold which is a community food scrap composting initiative.

They're looking for a webmaster to help out with their foodscape pages and support their web development and online presence!

Otolith Enrichment

Otolith sustainability volunteering opportunities in singapore near me

Otolith Enrichment is an education company in the areas of aquaculture, agriculture, and environmental science. Their mission is to nurture the heart and mind of every individual, seeking to help them to find their balance in life.

Their amazing initiatives include the Young Ecologist Program, Agri-Scientist Program, Community Aquaponics Project, Sustainability@Tampines Park, and the Eco²Balance App was initiated to demonstrate circularity within communities through various green initiatives.

They are looking for individuals that are able to contribute their skills to their not for profit project and to assist them in upscaling initiatives all around Singapore.

sustainability volunteering opportunities in singapore near me
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