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Get Your Sustainability News in Southeast Asia

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

You might have seen the new tab on our platform which curates the latest sustainability news for you to consume and be up to speed with all things Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) related in Southeast Asia! We felt that in a digital ecovillage aiming to build environmental sustainability and social sustainability, it's important to have curated news to help give us a beat to march off to together!

Sustainability news Southeast Asia SDGs


Extra extra read all about it!

Introducing our NewsSeed! Empower yourself with that extra edge with our sustainability news feature that keeps you updated with the latest developments in Southeast Asia!

We are pulling news sources from amazing outlets such as eco-business, and e27 for you to browse all in one place!

Our ultimate goal is to have a vibrant source of news that is productive for you to read and act on, without all the doomsday sensationalised click bait.

It's going to take time for us to curate that feed but we hope what we have now can help create a zen-ful and productive headspace for you to wrap your head around sustainability news and make mindful decisions without all the climate and eco anxiety/ depression.

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