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It isn't easy being green | Singapore's First Ever Eco-School

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

The great philosopher, Kermit the frog, once proclaimed "it isn't easy being green". And yet, he has never met Cassandra Yip who is a champion when it comes to helping to create sustainable cities and communities, starting with green education and environmental literacy!

Throwback to when we put ourselves out there with YSI SEA that aims to engage youths in the sustainability scene back in 2018, we were worried that no one would show up to our party.

We were floored by the amount of people who stepped up to help challenge the sustainability community's landscape in Southeast Asia.

Cassandra Yip, who was our Business Development Associate, is an amazing talent who worked directly with investors and empowered us with trends and performance ratings of social start-ups to help make our 2019 YSI SEA Demo Day at Marina Bay Sands, backed by Temasek Foundation, a success. Throwback:

We couldn't have incubated 27 regional impact startups without you, Cass! (Also, yes, that is Jia Hui from ICIS who recently gave a talk on plastics circularity, and also Li Hong who is the host of our podcasts!)

As the days march on and the tides rise, Earth School Singapore is a logical evolution and direction for Cassandra to pursue in order create a sustainable society for everyone.

We are ecstatic to watch Cassandra embark on this new adventure at Earth School Singapore:

Earth School Singapore is a non-profit environmental organisation that aims to increase environmental literacy among the general public, especially children and youth.

What is an environmentally sustainable society without educating children and youth in our local community about environmental literacy, awareness, and climate action, in order to maximise long-term sustainability?

It all started last year during Singapore's first ever Circuit Breaker. Cass realised that she, allegedly, can't really bake nor sew... which had her wondering what she should do during the lockdown period.

That was when she realised that there needs to be more attention on environmental literacy in Singapore...

And Earth School Singapore was born.

Here are some amazing highlights of what Earth School Singapore does!

  • They review the best environmental products and environmental activities out there in Singapore. Their recent trip was to The Plastic Project Singapore (they upcycle plastic wastes into reusable items AND they also adopt the cutest little cats with their The Cattery Project!!! I want).

  • There are also experience nature days that have them going for intertidal walks in the day, forest hikes at night, ground up initiatives or beach clean ups!

Earth School Singapore believes that the environmental crisis is so big and expansive that no one can do it alone!

She wants to build an ecosystem of partners who are all doing different work within the space and work together collaboratively.

That is why they bring together the local environmental community with the goal of encouraging, guiding, and supporting one another, as well as many other Singaporeans, to start or continue their own personal environmental journey through material and experiential education.

A huge shoutout to Earth School Singapore for shining a light on Singapore's environmental literacy in Singapore and we are beyond excited to see what you will bring!

Check out the amazing work by them!

  • Website

  • Instagram (for lovely updates on best environmental products and environmental activities)

Want to be a part of a sustainability community for founders and talents? Check out our platform for founders and talents!

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