• Jarratt Ong

N _ _ _ L _ _ _ _ _

Something is coming to Interseed soon. Here at Marketing, we have been tasked with our very limited experience from watching Sherlock to try and deduce what is being crafted over at the Content team.

Here is what you can perhaps expect...

Back to basics (remixed): A deep-dive look into Circular Economy, Food and Agriculture, and Clean Energy while we reinvent the classical way of looking at these issues.

Propelling you forward: Empowering you with the ability to make educated choices on how to help tackle complex sustainability problems.

Community Driven: All of these will come together under the umbrella of Green Innovation in which we believe is the dynamically-driven strategy to help make the world more sustainable and for all impact-making players to be a part of.

(we are really excited)

what's N _ _ _ L _ _ _ _ _?

dont look at our tags! no spoilers allowed!

Check out our work-in-progress post, click here to have a behind-the-scenes look at our knowledge huddle where we asked our community for input.

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