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Kale'in it with Urban Tiller!

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

After getting in touch with Urban Tiller Singapore for our podcast, they surprised us with a bountiful bag of fresh produce and herbs that made for great team bonding over a nice home-cooked meal.

Their produces are residue-free, sustainable, and locally grown fresh vegetables! A farm to table fairytale delivered right to our kitchen.

As social distancing and a recent lockdown are fresh in our minds, its refreshing to be able to have the garden come to us in the the form of fresh produce.

A delicious meal and the perfect set of produce helped to set the team out for a memorable day in which everyone came together. A good meal is more than just about the food. It is also about the intimate setting at a co-worker's home that Irsyad so kindly invited us into in which we learned more about him after seeing what spices his kitchen is equipped with.

A communal space is paramount for team morale as we bantered away and reflected on our journey with Interseed thus far. It's definitely a twist from our usual affair of ordering pizzas.

Here's our fancy little kale pasta that we cooked and enjoyed together as a team. Thank you Urban Tiller Singapore for helping to create sustainable cities and communities.

Over at the other side, Lihong, the co-host of our podcast had a swing in cooking her own delicious pasta that is amped up in volume and more than what we could possibly do. Maybe I chose the wrong crowd to cook with.

Lihong took the opportunity to make use of some leftovers she had. She garnished her pasta with microgreens, added a splash of lime juice for an extra kick of freshness, and some chili flakes.

Thank you Urban Tiller for making us feel like an influencer for the day, nudging us to utilise leftovers and to cook more healthily! We plan on having more cooking sessions for team bonding once our herb garden flourishes.

brb, we are updating our CV to say we are now experienced in cooking management.


Bonus! The good folks at Urban Tiller also surprised us with their salad boxes. No joke, I had one of the best sleep of my life after eating the salad and my body decided that it was ready at 5am to go to the gym for leg day. I'll need to eat the salad 29 more times to ensure validity of this experiment.

Can we file my salad consumption under company budget? I'll trade my $500 courses for this.

The crazy part is that the salad is perfectly fine on its own because of how juicy the cherry tomatoes were and the leafy greens had great bursts of flavour that would have otherwise been lost under a dressing. The little sprinkles of herbs such as dill helped to give the salad an earthy undertone which was much needed during the cold and wet monsoon period here in Singapore.


Three amazing highlights of Urban Tiller that we love:

  • personalised notes! we live in an increasingly alienating, and digitalised environment and a handwritten note is always heart warming to receive.

  • generously surprising us with their products, twice!, and engaging us on a deeper level while they shared their journey on the podcast and we have a product to connect with.

  • their blog has some amazing recipes that I am dying to try. I'm looking at you, salted egg spinach and kale. I don't see any restaurants near me serving this... could this be the only way to eat some?

  • an amazing ecosystem player in the sustainability community! whats not to love as we work towards being in a sustainable society? we love to see social entrepreneurship thrive with their presence.


Ps. the episode of the Urban Tiller podcast is out now!

Let's dive into the exciting sustainability opportunities in the regional space.


What is an environmentally sustainable society without your support? You can find Urban Tiller over at

Want to be a part of a sustainability community for founders and talents? Check out our platform for founders and talents!

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