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Insights: Green Innovation Building Blocks (February)

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Insights: Green Innovation Building Blocks (February)

Calling all sustainability impact-making early-stage impact founders and / or talent interested in helping to creating sustainable cities and communities

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Irsyad and his team have been working hard to provide impact-making players with the building blocks to make a sustainable intervention in the long run.

Here are some highlights:

1) Sustainable Business Breakdown where we highlight companies driving environmental and social good:

• SolShare: An AirBnB for Off-Grid Energy by Malcolm Lee

• Apeel: Coatings to Make Fruit Last Longer by Yong En Ong

2) Sustainability Dives where we talk about green innovation's technical aspects:

• Energy Transitions: Setting the Stage by Gao Yiming

• Bridging Business with Sustainability by Yong En

3) Impact Startup Toolbox where we talk about topics related to making money while making an impact:

• Online Marketplaces: Platforms for Buyers and Sellers by Malcolm

• Navigate Green Innovation and Craft Your Knowledge Niche By Irsyad, Yong En, and Yiming

Drive green innovation your way - Interseed Insight provides you the building blocks you need to make an impact and address carbon emissions, pollution, and resource depletion

Want to be a part of a sustainability community for founders and talents? Check out our platform for founders and talents!

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