• Jarratt Ong

IFIXIT nailing it! (Sustainable Business Breakdown)

Updated: Feb 15

Company: IFIXIT

Problem: Consumer electronics are hard to repair due to lack of access to proper tools and repair manuals

Solution: To teach everybody how to fix everything by empowering electronic device repair at scale with tools and advocating for right to repair laws

Information provided by: Irsyad Ramthan


  • The Home Depot

  • iMyfone

  • Direct Fix

  • eTech Parts

  • Cellairis


IFIXIT has been reliably helping consumers in a pinch to salvage their electronics and thus garnered goodwill over the years which makes their brand indispensable to them due to this intangible value.

IFIXIT's repair guides provide information for repairs, and creates search engine visibility to IFIXIT as their brand is tied to a wide variety of popular consumer electronics.

Due to the scale and responsiveness of the community, repair guides for ventilators were able to be published, and emergency repairs could be conducted for front line ventilators!

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