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All Aboard for Board Games

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

We ended the Interseed year with a nice gathering of pizzas, board games, and catching up. The day was extra special because it was the start of Phase 3 of the Circuit Breaker in Singapore and groups of 8 can finally meet up for social gatherings. It means that our content team, product development team, and marketing can finally meet! Previously, we have been splitting up and meeting separately at BoP Hub that is our co-working space. It's great to finally have everyone together under the same roof.

The celebration was also extra important as our interns have been balancing their university semester and exams while working on the platform with us. The author of this post refuses to declare whether he had such ambitions during his year one of university.

Our first icebreaker was Jacbox's Fibbage game where we had to come up with seemingly-correct facts to trivia presented. It is also a moment which I realised that my intuition has consistently failed me and I fell for almost every seemingly-factual "facts".

Pictured is Surya trying to convince everyone that trash is the future as we can upcycle them.

Power Grid was a board game that we wanted to introduce in our incubation programs as the game requires wits to make do with resources to power your city, balancing demand and supply, and strategising your path forward. It takes about 2 hours to play but we ended up going through it for 3 hours because we really wanted to tackle the game with the greeniest strategy possible.

After 3 hours of strategising, our brains were too fried to play The Singaporean Dream: The New Normal card game which features a few well-known and typical Singaporean dreams (mine is unlimited annual leave but I will be too shy to use them anyway). Somehow forgoing a social commentary game, about material goods, after playing an intensive commodity resource-driven game is an interesting twist to end the day.

Big shoutout to Surya that almost went through 2020 without eating a slice of pizza and finally managed to eat it during our gathering. We initially wanted a pizza party the week before. However just like everyone else in Singapore who logically also wanted to celebrate the end of the year during that period too, the queue to get our pizzas was 2 hours. We thought we were being fun and special.

This is Irsyad's cat flashing us from above while we played our board games.

Happy 2021 everyone!

Anyway, back to our drawing board.

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